We leverage our deep understanding of the shipping industry, market trends and financial expertise to create value for all stakeholders.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Maritime Projects with Our Comprehensive Services in…

Maritime Debt

Secure your debt financing requirements through our unrivalled network of maritime finance providers.

Maritime Equity

Find complementary equity partners or invest with us into exclusively selected maritime assets.

Project Development

We bring in our creativity and structuring expertise to facilitate every stage of your project.


We represent Maritime & Merchant Bank ASA and IDWAL in the German market

Maritime Asset Management

Safeguard Your Maritime Investments with Our Expert Asset Management Services – Leave Your Assets in Good Hands!


Meet our CEO – Leading the way in Maritime Investment Advice with a passion for success!

Jan Hagemann is the CEO of Five Oceans Maritime Asset Management (FOMAM GmbH & Co KG). He brings with him over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry which is complemented by a true ‘lifelong’ shipping background, having been born into Germany’s largest shipping family.

Jan’s passion for the industry began early in his youth when participating in the family’s ship christenings. After finishing school, he completed a formal shipping apprenticeship with Egon Oldendorff whereafter he completed a university degree in Economics and Business Administration and worked briefly at Flensburger Shipyard. He left Oldendorff Carriers as Managing Director in 2004 to focus on roles in finance and investments.

Throughout his career, Jan managed over 500 shipping investments with over USD 6 billion in assets. He also restructured over 130 shipping funds after the financial crisis with more than USD 1 billion in equity at risk. He is also amongst the Winners of the ‘Marine Money Deal of the Year’ awards. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the maritime industry and a commitment to excellence, Jan is dedicated to helping private and institutional clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of maritime investments. He is a true leader in the field and his vision and expertise continue to drive our success.

Jan Hagemann, CEO
Jan Hagemann



Discover Our Maritime Pedigree – A Look into the History and Evolution

We are a leader in the field of maritime investment services.

Founded in 2010, FIVE OCEANS is a privately-owned company that specializes in maritime investment services and asset management.

  • The company was established with a clear mission to provide clients with the expertise, knowledge, and experience necessary to navigate the complex world of maritime investments.
  • Over the years, FIVE OCEANS has established a reputation as a trusted partner and advisor to shipowners and private and institutional investors around the world. Five Oceans has received advisory and asset management mandates from some of the largest private equity players and banks worldwide, such as Apollo Global Management, Commerzbank and Macquarie Bank.
  • Our services include maritime debt and equity placement, asset management, and project development, all of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
  • We also have a profound knowledge in structuring and restructuring maritime investments. Amongst others, as Interim Directors on fund level, Five Oceans won the largest German restructuring mandate in the shipping debt crisis from a major German ship fund issuer.
  • Since 2019, FIVE OCEANS is also the exclusive partner of Maritime & Merchant Bank ASA, Oslo, for the German market and Jan Hagemann acts the bank’s representative in Germany, approved by regulator BAFIN.
  • Since 2020, FIVE OCEANS also acts a s representative for IDWAL, Cardiff, the world largest and most advanced service for ship inspections and asset integrity assessments
  • As managing owners, FIVE OCEANS has commercially and financially managed 9 x 13Ktdw Chem Tankers through its own management company. FIVE OCEANS also have experience in crisis management such as recovering assets from piracy and unlawful state confiscation.

Track Record

Proven Success in Maritime Investments – Discover Our Impressive Track Record!

From debt and equity investments to asset management and project development, our track record speaks for itself.

  • Completed more than 50 successful maritime investments to date
  • Managed over USD 1 billion in maritime assets
  • Placed over USD 250 M in debt
  • Placed over USD 100 M in equity

  • Best investment delivered 770 % return in less than 3 years
  • Developed and managed equity resp. debt positions in a wide range of maritime sectors, including container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, multipurpose vessels and European shortsea vessels.